Aesop Login Page

The Aesop login page on is used as a sub service or substitute teacher placement in grades K-12 for managing a teachers absence online.

With educational employee absences on the rise it will make scheduling class time easier to prevent problems with student learning from being out.

Go to the education website at and enter your Aesop login ID and PIN. Your PIN will be issued by a direct supervisor in your district.

Problems with your login not working or a forgotten PIN are easily fixed by contacting your Aesop administrator for your school or following the resources at the bottom of this page for reminder information.

Frontline Technologies phone number is 610-722-9745 but it is recommended that only the school administrator contact technical support for log in problems in your district.

Hours of support are Monday to Friday, 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time. Administrators, substitutes, applicants, and teachers are all provided support online.

Pointers on your Aesop login.

  • Your ID in most cases is your phone number starting with an area code. Numbers only, no dashes.
  • PINs are between 4 to 5 digits in length.
  • Clear your browser cache and type the URL directly in your address bar.
  • Keep your web browser updated and using a preferred one like Google Chrome.
  • Disable popup blockers and use a desktop computer instead of a mobile phone or tablet.

To lessen the burden on administration when managing employee absences, a sub is encouraged to try the system a day before to confirm that their Aesop login is working.

Substitute teachers can find jobs in the system an any time using the skill matching tools and district placement lists. If a teacher will be out for the day they can enter this information direct to the website for a sub to be alerted.

Approval by a supervisor is required before a substitute job opening goes online. This feature can be waived if needed at sign in.

Report Writers supports exports to Microsoft Office Excel to see what instructors are absent for the day or longer and who the classroom sub is.

Time scheduling through the automated substitute placement and absence management system will requires a Aesop login to begin a new session on the website.

Aesop Login

Aesop Login Page