ADP Payroll Login Page

The ADP Payroll login page for is where you can access the MyADP self service portal and manage your account online for direct deposit.

The instructions shown will explain how you can use your ADP payroll account and the basics of the ADP payroll login procedure. Before you begin the to sign in to ADP Payroll you will need to create a basic account.

Every business that hires more than one person has to deal with the hassle and cost of dealing with the payroll for employees. Aside from the obvious need to pay your employees as efficiently as possible, you also need a full-service company that can offer the most adaptive, optimal services that are attuned to your firm’s needs.

That is why many businesses have turned to ADP Payroll solutions online. With this service managing your payroll, you will have access to analytical insights that can improve your business human resources management as well as insure you meet all necessary federal and state regulatory statutes.

Payroll goes beyond administering employee pay – it affects every aspect of your business from cash flow to revenue growth.

The ADP Payroll login offers services that will:

• Provide your company with expert advice in employment-related Tax and Compliance matters
• Lower the risk of Affordable Care Act-related compliance issues (and related penalties)
• Reduce payroll administration time
• Globally accessible, internet-based payroll services
• Multiple options for disbursing payment to your clients as well as robust security and transaction insurance.
• Specially tailored solutions for small businesses

To help clients meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act, ADP Payroll login also:

• Combines human resources management with benefits administration
• Unified system architecture to provide timely data

With over 60 years of experience as a leading provider of payroll administration services, MyADP can offer a solution for a business firm of any size.

Once you have registered your account with ADP, you can access the ADP payroll log in page here:

You will need a registration code from ADP to begin the process of creating a new account in order to complete the ADP payroll sign in form.

To contact ADP’s sales department and open your new account by phone, call them at 1-800-225-5237. Also you can opt to chat directly with a representative using the chat feature found on this page:

If you prefer email, the right-hand rail offers a quick web form you can fill out to have ADP’s team of representatives contact you.

If you are an existing ADP customer and you are having difficulty logging into or accessing your account, you can contact support at 1-844-227-5237.

The following page offers employees and plan administrators an ADP Payroll login to access their accounts:

If you are an employee of a company that uses ADP payroll services, select the employee option. If you are a member of a human resources department or plan administration, select the administrator option.

Once you have an account, you can access it at the following ADP payroll sign in page:

You will need to enter your user id in the first line and the password in the second line.

Finally, if you have forgotten your password, you can initiate the password reset process for your ADP payroll login here:

ADP Payroll Login