Achieve 3000 Login Page

The Achieve 3000 login page for the leader in Differentiated Instruction and Accelerated Literacy works at to grant account access.

The cloud based solution for improving reading skills at the Lexile level also helps with writing instruction in schools.

Begin at the index page of and enter your username and password to proceed in a account that has already been registered.

Speak with your direct report or instructor if you are attending a training session and do not have an Achieve 3000 login yet. Anyone issued a login already that has lost or forgot their password can reset it with the tool on the website.

Other questions or concerns can be directed to toll-free to 1-888-968-6822 or by emailing customer support at the corporate headquarters in Lakewood, New Jersey.

Any missed training sessions can be watched with the included webinars to document and learn about the literacy gains possible for your students through a patented methodology not found in similar online software packages.

Achieve 3000 is part of the entire suite of solutions that includes KidBiz, TeenBiz, Empower, eScience, Coach, and Spark. All are 3000 series products.

Strength is build by students through a rigorous text program designed to improve reading and writing. Start in your account by picking a grade level after using your Achieve 3000 login to access the system.

Grade levels are segmented as 2-5, 6-8, 9-12, and continuing or adult education. After picking the grade level, select the instructional need of the student from the list before attempting to enter.

Selections that you can choose from are English Language Arts, Literacy in the Content Area, Intervention, ELL, Blended Learning, Science, Gifted / Talented, Spanish, Assessment, Summer School, After School, or Selective Content.

You will then be take to the Achieve 3000 login page and prompted for your credentials before being allowed to enter your account online or apply resources.

Achieve 3000 Login

Achieve 3000 Login Page