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The Account now login page at is used to manage Prepaid Debit Cards online, free Direct Deposit and virtual bill pay service.

Prepaid Visa Cards and AccountNow Gold Visas Cards are assigned by Green Dot Bank, The Bancorp Bank or MetaBank pursuant to a license from Visa. You will need to verify which type of card you have before you begin.

Begin at and sign in to the Customer Center with your Account Now login credentials. Your credentials include a username and password.

If you have forgotten or lost your username and/or password, assistance is available from support by using the resources found on the bottom of the page or by calling for help at the 1-866-925-2036 phone number.

The website requires the use of popup windows to provide you with additional information when logging in. If you are using a form of popup blocker software with your browser, you will need to disable it for the Account Now login page to work properly.

Servicing is provides as a financial services company offering MasterCard and Visa prepaid accounts for people who have been turned away by traditional banks. These types of accounts are often used for deposits.

The fees charged by the service are typical of prepaid credit card companies. Having a prepaid card and a demonstrated payment history is all that will required to access. However the transactions are not reported to the credit bureaus to build credit.

Gold Visa Prepaid Card Account Now login holders can deposit and spend money without a checking account. This helps to easily control spending and manage money online.

If you are looking for a card with no minimum balance requirement, and no credit check with minimal fees, setting up an AccountNow username and password on the website is advised.

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